AEON Visa Credit Card – How to Apply For AEON Visa Credit Card

The AEON visa credit card is an outstanding card with great benefits. This card is issued by AEON financial service co. limited. This card comes with great benefits and perks. The card helps the cardholders make rewarding transactions. As you know AEON visa credit card is great for those who are new to credit score line.

AEON Visa Credit Card

Benefits of AEON Visa Credit Card

  • AEON visa credit card holders get an automatic two percent rebate worth five hundred Hong Kong dollars on spending the credit and interest-free card installation plan of first twenty-five thousand Hong Kong dollars within the first sixty days of your AEON visa credit card acquisition
  • With AEON visa credit card you enjoy five percent discount on credit purchases at NEON on “Thanksgiving days” i.e. second and twentieth of each month except fast food, specified, and licensed items
  • With this card, you have the opportunity to enjoy more savings every year using AEON member price.
  • AEON visa credit card gives hobby loose card installment offerings on electrical appliances, furnishings, fitness and equipment, and detailed merchandise all year round
  • For every one Hong Kong dollar spent on credit score buy, you are entitled to 1 bonus point. Additionally, each Hong Kong dollar spent on credit purchase or interest-loose card installment plan at AEONshops draws 2 bonus points. These factors gathered, may be used for redemption provided via aeon bonus factor application. It is no longer applicable to purchase of aeon gift certificates, molly fantasy, selected items and license shops, which do no longer joint the promotion
  • Card holders, can revel in coins improve offerings without difficulty through ATM community branches. Hotline 2895-6262 or AEON website.

Charges and Fees of AEON Visa Credit Card

  • It Charges a joining fee of zero dollars.
  • Charges an annual fee of thirty Malaysia Ringgit.
  • It also charges a cash advance fee of fifteen percent or fifteen Malaysia ringgit.
  • Charges a balance transfer of zero dollars.
  • Charges a card replacement fee of fifty Malaysia ringgit.

How to Apply For AEON Visa Credit Card

  1. Open your web browser and navigate to
  2. Now look for a button that says registration and click on it.
  3. On the new window check the box which says “I have read and agreed to the terms and conditions”, and then click on next.
  4. Fill the current form and click on next.
  5. Follow the next necessary steps to complete your set up.

To activate your card, visit and fill in your card information in the form you see, complete the recaptcha and click on submit.

Good luck!!!

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