American Express Credit Card – How to Create an Account Online

American Express Credit Card

Are you an American citizen looking for credit cards or you are looking for credit cards with better offers or better rewards. Well, American Express credit card Is one of those credit cards of which you are looking for so let’s go for a brief history.

American Express Credit Card

American Express credit card also known as AMEX is an American express multinational finance company. The head-quarter is located in New-York city. AMEX was founded on the 18th of March 1850. The company is best recognized for its travelers’ cheque, charge card, and credit cards. AMEX was founded as a joint stock corporation by the merger of express companies owned by Henry Wells, William G. Fargo, and John Warren.

Benefits of American Credit Card

  • One of the main benefits of the American Express credit card is its extended warranty, purchase protection and return protection.
  • Another benefit is its insurance baggage plan
  • With American Express credit card you have car rental loss and damage insurance

If you like the benefits above and you are interested in creating an account just follow these simple steps

How to Create an American Express Credit Card Account Online

  • Are you ready to finally open your American Express credit card account online? In to open your American Express credit card account online you must first make sure you have your copy of your American Express credit card. This normally comes by mail.
  • After receiving yours get a device that can access the internet smoothly and fully charge it.
  • The charging is to prevent it from shutting down while browsing the internet. After charging boot the device and wait a few minutes to refresh.
  • The refreshing is to make the device be at maximum speed. After refreshing locate the device browser and click on the on it. Locate the search bar and type in the URL and click search
  • After the page has loaded locate the “create new account online” link at the top left side of the screen and click on it.
  • When the page has loaded you will see a credit card where there will be some boxes. On those boxes input the appropriate information that suites the credit card you ordered and click on confirm.
  • Now if the credit card is genuine you will move over to the next page where you will set up your account with the details you like to then click next or continue depending on your browser
  • After clicking next finish the setup and you are done

Congratulations you just created your American express credit card online

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