Buy Power Business Credit Card | Charges | Application

Buy Power Business Credit Card

This is a type of card that is designed to favor businessmen and women, this outstanding card is issued through the capital on the bank, and this card also comes with perks of rewards. The buy power business credit card allows you to earn from any purchase you make, these rewards can be redeemed at some strategic avenues.

Like I said earlier the card comes with perks of benefits, these benefits I will list shortly.

Buy Power Business Credit Card | Charges | Application

Benefits of the Buy Power Business Credit Card

  • All cardholders have the opportunity to earn five percent earnings from purchases of GM spare parts, services, and accessories at any authorized dealer.
  • You will automatically earn three percent making purchases at gas stations, supply stores, restaurant, and offices.
  • You would earn one percent on any other purchase you make using the card.
  • This card does not charge a fee per annum and there are also no charges for foreign transactions.
  • Your earnings never expire if your account is opened, besides there are no limits to how much you can earn.
  • You can also enjoy the combined offer if you wish to.

The benefits are too numerous to list, so I listed only a few. If you read the benefits above and you want to apply for this card then you need to also know the charges, below are the charges;

Charges of the Buy Power Business Credit Card

  • This card comes with no annual fee.
  • There is no introductory annual percentage rate for the first one year.
  • The annual percentage rate is 18.99 percent for purchases.
  • The cash advance annual purchase rate is 26.90 percent.
  • They give a grace period of 25 days.
  • There is no transaction cost on all foreign transactions.
  • Cash advance fee is just three percent of the advanced cash.
  • The return payment fee can be as high as 25 dollars.
  • Late payment fee can be as high as 38 dollars.
  • Penalty for annual percentage rate is 26.99 percent.

How To Apply For The Buy Power Business Credit Card

  • Follow the link below using your internet browser.
  • Wait patiently for the page to load and hit the green apply now button you would see at the top right corner of the page.
  • To proceed further, fill the form you would see with your business email address and all other necessary information.

Now, scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit the “continue application button” on a green background. That is it, you have just applied for the buy power business credit card from capital one

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