Capital One Quicksilver Card – How to Apply and Activate

Capital One Quicksilver Card

The Capital One Quicksilver Card is an amazing credit card for people who are seeking to make the best use of cash back on their credit card purchase. It is a stress-free and easy card that gives you high cash back rewards. This card is a good option for your everyday life because there is simply no need to plan, arrange or track special categories with this card. You access every service in a simple way.

Capital One Quicksilver Card

The Benefits of Capital One Quicksilver Card

  1. Fraud coverage – you are ultimately covered by Fraud liability in case your card is stolen or lost.
  2. Steady availability of the customer service – there is available customers service personnel who help and assist every minute of the day.
  3. Balance transfer – you can transfer high rate balances to a capital one card accompanied with eligible and mouthwatering offers.
  4. No added foreign transaction charges – you will be not be prompted to pay any fee when you make purchases outside the United States.
  5. Account and security alerts – you get relevant alerts and notifications through text, phone or email.
  6. The CreditWise feature – you can keep track of your credit with CreditWise. It is free for anyone, whether you a Capital One credit card owner or not.

Capital One Quicksilver Card Charges/Fees

  1. Annual fee – 39 dollars annually for the average card and 0 dollars for the excellent card.
  2. No transfer charges or fee.
  3. Penalty fee or late payment – 38 dollars.
  4. Cash advance – 3 percent or 10 dollars of the amount of every cash advance.

How to Apply For Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Card           

Before you apply for this card, there are qualifications and requirements to be met.

Qualifications and requirements;

  • The intending applicant must be at least 18 years of age.
  • The intending applicant must not have five or more credit card accounts with Capital One.
  • Monthly rent/mortgage payment.
  • Personal information, which includes your social security number, address, and your mobile number.
  • You must have a source of income.
  • The applicant must not have applied for a Capital one card two or more times within the last one month.

How to apply:

  1. Go to the Capital One’s website on, click on the Quicksilver card, click on see cards and click “Apply Now”.
  2. Fill your personal information in the form given to you and click on continue to proceed with the application process.

How to Activate the Capital One Quicksilver Card

After you have applied for the card, you have to wait for Capital One to mail the card to you. And to activate this card, you have to access the Capital One’s, Activation Page.

  1. Go to capitalone/support-center/credit-cards/activate/, and click on “Activate New Card Online”.
  2. Your Capital One account is required, if you already have an account, click on “sign in” but if you do not have an account, click on “Enroll Here”.
  3. After that fill in your details in the form and follow all other instructions given to you on the page in order to activate your new card.


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