Citadel Rewards Credit Card | Benefits | Charges | Application

Citadel Rewards Credit Card

Citadel rewards credit card is issued through the citadel bank. This is one of the many cash back credit cards, this means that you earn cash back just by spending with this card. Nowadays the cash back credit cards are in a fierce competition. This card decided to take a step further and gives cardholders 1.5 percent cash back on all purchases.

Citadel Rewards Credit Card | Benefits | Charges | Application

The card also has a security feature. Your cash back rewards can easily be deposited into your citadel savings or checking account without stress.

Benefits of Citadel Rewards Credit Card

The holders of this card enjoy amazing benefits, which is why holders never abandon the card. Below are some of the numerous benefits of this card

  1. The cardholders do not have to pay any fee from year to year (i.e. there are no annual charges).
  2. All cardholders enjoy 1.5 cash back from any purchase using the card.
  3. You get a hassle-free depositing of all your cash back into your account.
  4. You can earn greater cash back by shopping at the citadel cash rewards mall.
  5. Also, You can set up automatic billing for your credit card s you can pay bills on time.
  6. There is a balance bonus of up to 300 dollars.
  7. This card is extremely compatible with all the citadel suites of digital wallets.
  8. The card is also designed with an anti-theft feature to secure your card.
  9. The credit limits are outstanding.
  10. You have a free price protection on shopping.

Charges and Card Rates of Citadel Rewards Credit Card

There are also some more which I cannot list because the article is getting boring, this is the list of the charges and card rates of citadel rewards credit card.

  1. Balance transfer fee is only zero dollar
  2. The cash advance fee is three percent of your total advance payment
  3. They charge a foreign transaction fee of 1.1 percent US dollars
  4. The late payment fee charge is 25 dollars
  5. The returned check fee Is also 25 dollars

The application is very easy for this card, follow the guidelines listed below to apply online

How to Apply For Citadel Rewards Credit Card Online

  1. Follow this link using your web browser
  2. When the page completely loads, fill the form you should see.
  3. Chose the kind of card you love and continue.
  4. To finalize, hit the next button located at the bottom of the page.

That’s it, it’s just a piece of cake.

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