CITGO Rewards Credit Card – How to Apply

CITGO Rewards Credit Card

The CITGO rewards credit card is one of the many exclusive cards in which cardholders can earn ten cents for every gallon in the first three months of card acquisition and an additional five cents on all gallons after the fuel statement credits. This card is issued by the synchrony bank.

CITGO Rewards Credit Card - How to Apply

Benefits of the CITGO Rewards Credit Card

The CITGO rewards credit card has load of benefits, these benefits are listed below;

  • You can earn a fuel statement credit on every gallon that you purchase.
  • This card gives you pay at pump convenience in approximately five thousand five hundred CITGO locations.
  • This card charges its users no annual fee.
  • You have cash access in participating ATM locations.
  • All card holders enjoy special benefits and offers.
  • You can add an authorized user to this account without having to pay an extra fee.
  • You have a zero fraud liability.

These are some of the benefits of the CITGO rewards credit card. Having see some benefits, we should take a look at some of the charges of this card.

Charges and Fees of the CITGO Rewards Credit Card

These charges are not too weighty. They are listed below;

  • The annual percentage fee for all purchases is 28.99 percent.
  • The annual percentage for cash advance is 29.99 dollars.
  • They give an interest free period of only twenty three days.
  • The minimum interest charge is two dollars.
  • The cash advance fee is charged at ten dollars or five percent.
  • They do not charge a foreign transaction fee.
  • Late payment fee is charged at thirty eight dollars.

If you still consider this card as a choice to take, then you should probably know how to apply.

How to Apply For the CITGO Rewards Credit Card

Application is as easy as you may have heard it, in case you haven’t heard it before. Te procedures to apply for the card are as follows;

  • Use any web browser to navigate to
  • Read and agree to the terms and conditions of this card.
  • Fill the form you would see and finish your application by hitting the continue button at the bottom of the screen.

How to Check the CITGO Rewards Credit Card Application Status

To check the status of your application you can call their customer care at 1 844 442 7933.

How to Activate the CITGO Rewards Credit Card

Activation is as easy as counting one to three, to activate call 1 844 442 7933. You would be given instructions to activate your card, once you activate your card you can use it to spend.

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