Citi Rewards+ Card – Application and Activation

Citi Rewards+ card is a no annual fee credit card that offers you so many numerous benefits. The Citi Rewards+ card helps you earn fifteen thousand bonus points after spending one thousand dollar n purchases within the first three months of account creation. This point can be redeemed for a one hundred and fifty dollar gift card.

Citi Rewards+ Card - Application and Activation

Fees and Rates

There are some fees and rates that are applied to the Citi Rewards+ card as every citi card that exists has an advantage and a disadvantage. The fees and rates of the Citi Rewards+ card are;

  • A zero percent introductory rate and balance transfer rate for the first twelve months and then a standard balance transfer rate of 15.74% to 25.74% will apply.
  • A variable penalty APR of 29.99% might be applied if you make a late payment that is returned.
  • Fee for foreign transaction is 3%.
  • The minimum interest charge is 0.50 dollar.

Those are some of the fees and rates of the Citi Rewards+ card. You can learn more about the fees and rates of this card at the Citi Rewards+ card application webpage.

Benefits and Advantages

Before you jump up and reject the Citi Rewards+ card, it is best you know some of the benefits and advantages. Some of the benefits of the Citi Rewards+ card are;

  • You earn exclusive two times points per every one dollar spent at supermarkets and gas stations for the first six thousand dollar per year and then one point per one dollar spent after.
  • You earn for life one times point per every dollar spent on all other purchases.
  • The Citi Rewards+ card is also designed to round up to the nearest ten points. That is to say a twelve dollar coffee will give you ten points and a twelve dollar coffee will give you twenty points.

Above are just a few of the Citi Rewards+ card. You can also learn more at the Citi Rewards+ card application webpage.

How to Apply For the Citi Rewards+ Card

Applying for this card is quite easy. All you need to do is follow the steps below.

  • Visit the official application webpage at
  • Click on the “apply” now button and you will be redirected to a new webpage.
  • Fill in the form in front of you with the right information concerning you and try to be as accurate as possible.
  • Read the terms and conditions carefully and then accept them. Click on the submit button and complete the application process by following the instructions given to you afterwards.

Once you complete the application process, you have successfully applied for your Citi Rewards+ card and you will e further notified via your means of contact.

How to Activate Your Citi Rewards+ Card

If you already have your card you will understand that it is not yet active and you need to activate it for you to start using it. To activate your Citi Rewards+ card, simply call the Citi phone on 13 24 84 or +61 2 8225 0615 if you are calling from overseas.

How to Login Your Citi Rewards+ Card

Now to log in your account to start setting things up and redeeming points, visit the Citi credit card account sign page at Enter your user ID and your password, then click on the ‘sign on’ tab and you will successfully be logged in your account.

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