Citi Secured Master Card | Features | How to Apply

Citi Secured Master Card

Citi secured master card is a card designed in such a way that it helps you build your credit history either afresh or from a bad one you have before. The card charges no annual fee. This card is a secured card which means that your credit history is secured, and your card provider will alert you when you log in on risky websites.

Citi Secured Master Card | Features | How to Apply

Your credit limit is almost equal to the deposit you make with a maximum of two thousand five hundred dollars. There are also no rewards using this card as it is used to build credit. Below are some quality facts you should know about this particular card if you want to make it your choice of card.

Facts about Citi Secured Master Card

  1. A minimum of 200 dollars is required as a security deposit when opening your card together with a maximum of about 2500 dollars.
  2. Your credit limit is equal to your security deposit.
  3. All users have the ability to qualify for an unlimited credit.
  4. Citi is secured so it has antitheft solutions.
  5. There are no reward points.
  6. There is no annual fee charge.
  7. The APR purchase rate is 23.99 percent variables.
  8. The card is accepted globally.

Features of the Card

Some of the features are listed below;

  1. Easily pay your bills and on time every month and get a good credit history.
  2. Automatic payments can easily be set up for a statement balance. This feature helps you ensure that bills are always paid on time.
  3. Immediately your card is approved, your security deposit is automatically deducted from your account balance.
  4. If your card is used responsibly, you may get a refund for the security deposit.

How to Apply For Citi Secured Mastercard

  1. Follow this link using any web browser
  2. To proceed, click on the orange apply button.
  3. Now hit the blue apply now button.
  4. Fill the form on this page and make sure to answer all the questions you can see.
  5. On this page, you would also see more benefits of the card you want to apply for.
  6. Agree to their term and conditions, scroll down to the bottom of the page and finalize by hitting the blue submit button on the left side.

That’s all you need to get your application submitted, Good luck!!!

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