Delight Platinum Credit Card – Charges | Benefits | Application

Delight Platinum Credit Card

Delight platinum credit card is a credit card that is loaded with so many perks and benefits to make various cardholders transactions more profiting. This credit card is issued by the koktak bank. Delight platinum credit card offers entertainment, dining out, traveling etc.

Delight Platinum Credit Card - Charges | Benefits | Application

Benefits of Delight Platinum Credit Card

This credit card also offers so many numerous unmatched cash back. Also, surcharge waivers and other benefits. All these benefits can be enjoyed only with your delight platinum credit card. These exclusive benefits are

  1. Various cardholders, irrespective of where ever they are in the world get ten percent cash back on dining.
  2. This card offers ten percent cash back on movies.
  3. Access to fuel surcharge waiver.
  4. Plus, this card offers railway surcharge waiver.
  5. You can get four free PVR tickets or seven hundred and fifty rupees cash back on every one hundred and twenty-five thousand rupees spent every six months.
  6. All cardholders enjoy a maximum of eight PVR tickets within three months after the program period gets over.
  7. In case of credit card theft, you automatically get a cover of one hundred and twenty-five rupees against fraudulent usage up to seven days pre-reporting
  8. You can also enjoy all the benefits that you enjoy on your credit card on your adds on a card.
  9. You can set up the spending limit of your adds on card anytime you wish.
  10. Also, you can request spends separately for each of your ads on the card.

All these benefits are the ones that make this card one of the most used cards. With these thrilling benefits, surely there must be some rates or card usage charges.

Charges and Fees Attached To the Delight Platinum Visa Credit Card

The popularly known charge attached to this credit card is the annual fee of two hundred and ninety-nine rupees. Other fees include;

  1. A joining fee of one thousand one hundred and ninety-nine rupees.
  2. Add on card fees of two hundred and ninety-nine rupees.
  3. An over limit charge of five hundred rupees.
  4. A cheque bounce fee of five hundred rupees.
  5. Foreign currency marks up of three point five percent etc.

Above are the few but very essential charges attached to the delight platinum credit card. Continue below to apply for a delight platinum credit card.

How to Apply For A Delight Platinum Visa Credit Card

If after all the fees attached to this credit card, you still wish to apply. Then you can apply by visiting the koktak Mahindra bank application page at On the application page, simply follow instructions and that is it.

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