Deserve Pro MasterCard | Application and Activation

Deserve Pro MasterCard

The Deserve Pro MasterCard is the best way for users with limited credit to earn some cash return rewards. This is because Deserve will review all of your financial and credit details, making it different from other credit cards. And if you do not meet up the regular lending qualifications, this MasterCard helps provide you with a way to improve and increase your credit line.

Deserve Pro MasterCard | Application and Activation

Using this card, you get 3 percent cash return rewards on some purchases you make, including some travel and purchase protections. This card is a pretty option for you if you have got less-great credit, as it helps you earn some cash at the expense of no annual fee. With this card, you can definitely build your credit to a higher level and get your cash at the same time.

Deserve Pro MasterCard Benefits

  1. No annual fee.
  2. Travel and purchase protection.
  3. Long term guarantee.
  4. Protection against fraud.
  5. No added foreign transaction.
  6. Reward bonus of 3 percent on entertainment and travel, 2 percent on restaurants or eateries only.
  7. Roadside assistance.
  8. Insurance on a cell phone.
  9. Insurance on car rentals.

Deserve Pro MasterCard Rates, Charges and Fees

  1. No annual fee.
  2. No foreign transaction fee.
  3. Also, no balance transfer.
  4. No cash advance fee.
  5. Late payment fee – 25 dollars.
  6. Regular annual purchase rate – 18.49 percent to 25.49 percent.
  7. No penalty fee.
  8. Return payment fee – 37 dollars.

How to Apply For Deserve Pro MasterCard

All the credit cards from Deserve are created to help users who have limited or no credit at all. When you apply for this MasterCard, it takes and records more than just your financial and credit details into your account. When deciding if to accept your application or not, it also considers your;

  • Potential earnings.
  • Your education.
  • Your employment status in the future.

Now here’s how to apply;

  1. On your web browser, visit this link
  2. On this page, you will find the credit card. Click on “Apply Now”.
  3. You will be directed to a page where you will be prompted to fill an application form. Make sure you do not leave any space unfilled.
  4. Click on “Continue”.
  5. Follow other instructions given to you on the page in order to complete your application.

How to Activate the Deserve Pro MasterCard

Activating your newly acquired card is so simple and easy. Once your card has been mailed to you, simply dial the number at the back of your MasterCard and follow the instructions given to you or you visit the Deserve website on

And you are set to go!



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