Discover It Secured Credit Card – Benefits and Application

Discover It Secured Credit Card

Discover it secured credit card is a unique cad for all those willing to get started with travel cards. This card is the number one choice in credit building. The card requires no annual fee and gives its holders outstanding rewards.

Discover It Secured Credit Card - Benefits and Application

Benefits Of Discover It Secured Credit Card

  1. They charge a total of zero dollars per annum.
  2. Get free cash back making purchases and build good credit responsibly.
  3. Easily build a real credit history with the three main credit bureaus. Basically both prepaid and debit cards cannot help you in building a history on credit.
  4. Maximize your credit line by depositing at least a refundable 200 dollars, this will require a bank information.
  5. Your account is automatically reviewed beginning from eight months after you receive your card. The review is to verify if you can be trusted with an unsecured credit line.
  6. You have the opportunity to earn 2 percent cash back on every purchase at both restaurants and gas stations and a 1 percent cash back on every other purchase automatically.
  7. Get a free security number alert when you sign up to risky websites.
  8. Rewards rate is always 1.00 percent except on gas station and restaurants.
  9. Discover automatically matches all the cash back you earned and you do not need to sign up for this.
  10. The introductory APR rate 10.99 percent on all balance transfers for a maximum of six months.
  11. The charge a balance transfer fee of only only3 percent.
  12. There are no foreign transaction charges.
  13. You will automatically get a full US customer based service.

There are many more, to apply and get detailed information about all the benefits and charges rate of the card, follow the guidelines listed below

How to Apply For Discover It Secured Credit Card

The application is very easy but there are some requirements that are necessary for your card to be approved, this means that the application is scaled through some criteria’s. you will see these criteria’s on the application page, follow these steps to get to the application page and apply for the card.

  1. Use your web browser to hit this link
  2. On this page, hit the blue apply now button.
  3. Wait patiently for the page, after the redirection, hit the orange apply now button and continue.
  4. To proceed further, choose your best design, fill the form and hit next.
  5. Repeat the procedure to finish set up.

Note that there are three main steps to finalize your application, after that you are good to go.

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