Gem Visa Credit Card – How to Apply for This Card

Gem Visa Credit Card

The gem visa credit card is one of the top visa credit cards you can find around. The gem credit card is accepted anywhere around the globe where a visa card is accepted. This card also comes with amazing benefits; one of such benefits is that it gives all cardholders an interest-free period of six months when making any purchase that is worth two hundred and fifty dollars or more.

Gem Visa Credit Card - How to Apply for This Card

Benefits of the Gem Visa Credit Card

Like I said before, it comes with loads of benefits. This card is beneficiary to those who need a card with a long interest period. Below are some of the benefits of the gem visa credit card;

  • This card is accepted worldwide, this means that it would be accepted at thousands of millions ATM stations. This enables cardholders to shop with pride and confidence wherever they are.
  • This card gives its holder an interest free period of up to fifty five days as well as a six months interest free period on purchases of two hundred and fifty dollars and above.
  • The gem visa credit card is visa secured; this service protects your account from fraud and scammers both online and in the real world.
  • You purchases can easily be secured by signing up an account with shopper’s insurance protection using your gem visa credit card.
  • This card suits those who love to spend on daily basis.

These are only a few of the benefits, but in case you read these benefits and you are interested in getting the card, then you should also know the charges this card costs. Below are the charges of the gem visa credit card.

Charges of the Gem Visa Credit Card

  • They charge an annual account fee of fifty-two dollars.
  • There is a one-time establishment fee of fifty-five dollars.
  • The paper statement fee costs one dollar per statement.
  • The cash advance fee varies within two to one dollar depending on the ATM you use for withdrawal.
  • Every international transaction fee cost two percent.
  • The late fee charge is fifteen dollars.

Finally, we are going to talk about the application for this card. This card can easily be applied for online, therefore I would show you some steps you can take when applying for this credit card online.

Applying For the Gem Visa Credit Card

Applying for this card is simple, to apply, just follow the steps below

  • Use any web browser to navigate to
  • T proceed, hit the “apply now” button
  • Fill the form you see and click next

Repeat the steps over and over again until your application is complete.

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