Go MasterCard – How To Apply For A Go MasterCard

Hey every one you must have probably heard of go master card right? Latitude financial services (abbreviated latitude financial or latitude) is an Australian monetary offerings business enterprise with headquarters in Melbourne, Victoria. Additionally latitude financial services are also involved in doing commercial enterprise in New Zealand with the name gem finance. Latitude financial services are the proud issuer or owner of go MasterCard. Go Master Card is one of the best cards that offer points for purchases and offers cardholders a website that is very easy and reliable to use. Go MasterCard website helps account holders to easily keep records and tabs of their transactions online. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of Go MasterCard.

Go MasterCard - How To Apply For A Go MasterCard

Benefits of Go MasterCard

This card comes in handy a lot because of its numerous benefits and these benefits are listed below

  • Go MasterCard offers long interest-free days.
  • It offers up to fifty-five days on purchases free of interest.
  • All go MasterCard cardholders, can earn go rewards software.
  • All go MasterCard users get 1 point per every one dollar spent with go rewards.
  • costs no charges r fees, to replace a lost or stolen card while abroad.
  • points, you earn, gather up to very great rewards, ranging from cutlery to TVs.
  • costs no account price or fees.
  • go MasterCard costs no annual fee.

With these numerous numbers of blessings, I am quite sure you want to apply for your very own card otherwise you would not still be reading.

What You Need To Apply For Go Mastercard

Well, there are some things you need to get before you can apply for your very own go MasterCard online and these things you must get are listed below.

  • First and foremost you must get an active data connection.
  • Secondly, you must obtain an active data subscription from the source of the data connection.
  • Thirdly you must get a pc (non-public computer) or desktop.
  • Fourthly you need to be at least eighteen years of age.
  • And lastly, you must be a citizen of Australia.

After obtaining the items, then you can ultimately proceed with applying for a truly simple credit card online.

Applying For a Go Mastercard

Charge and boot your device, open the browser and type in the URL http://www.gomastercard.com.au/apply/ and search. Then continue with the points indexed below.

  • On the web page agree to the terms and conditions of the card and fill in the information required of you.
  • You will be asked some question which you will answer yes or no to, simply answer them truthfully and agree to the terms and conditions of the card again.
  • Click on the “next” link/tab to continue, follow the instructions you will be given afterward and that is it.

You are done.

Note: if you are having issues applying you can check your application status using this number 1300004646. You can also use this number to activate your Go MasterCard.

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