Indigo Unsecured MasterCard – How to Apply

IThe indigo unsecured MasterCard is a platinum card with access to your account twenty-four hours a day. The unsecured MasterCard is a credit card with instant approval and ideal for individuals who are new to using a credit card and the best thing is that anybody interested in using a credit card can use it as it is a poor or bad credit limit card.

Indigo Unsecured MasterCard - How to Apply

Fees and Rates

There are some fees and rates accompanying the indigo unsecured MasterCard and these fees depend on your credit profile. You card connection might find one of the combinations below for you.

  • A zero dollar annual fee accompanied with twenty three point nine percent APR.
  • Fifty nine dollar annual fee accompanied with twenty three point nine percent APR.
  • Or a seventy five dollar annual fee for the first year and then ninety dollar after accompanied with a twenty three point nine percent APR.

That is all for the fees and rates of the indigo unsecured MasterCard. You can learn more by visiting the application page of the indigo unsecured MasterCard.


The benefits of the indigo unsecured MasterCard are;

  • Quick prequalification.
  • Sixty seconds decision.
  • Free online bill payments.
  • Twenty four hours a day access to your account.

Plus this credit card is good for individuals who do not have a credit or they are trying to build a credit.

How to Apply For the Indigo Unsecured MasterCard

If you finally decide and made up your mind to apply for the indigo unsecured MasterCard, then it is best I show you how to apply.

  • Visit the indigo unsecured MasterCard official application webpage at
  • Fill the form in front of you with the co-responding details such as your name and address. Add your phone number and agree to the terms of the card.
  • You can accept the terms and conditions of the card by ticking the box that says so. Click on the prequalify button and complete the setup.

That is it for you applying for your very own indigo unsecured MasterCard.

Indigo Unsecured MasterCard Login

To log in to your indigo unsecured MasterCard, visit the official indigo unsecured MasterCard login page at Enter your login details such as your username and your password, and then click on the login button. That’s it.

Indigo Unsecured MasterCard Customer Service

If you have some issues concerning the indigo unsecured MasterCard, you can find some helpful tips at the indigo unsecured MasterCard customer care service page at

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