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Internet Course

What are internet courses? An internet course is a course that is or can be studied online. The internet course can be studied anywhere around the globe. Every internet course has specific degrees and specializations. This program is for those who can’t take the time to study in a normal school environment, this may be due to certain circumstances like family issues, the person may be deformed, or the person may be too busy to do so.

Internet Course - Online Courses - E-Learning

Any undergraduate can take any of these courses online. Now there are certain websites that offer these courses for free and there are also some you have to pay for. We would be talking briefly about some of these websites. These websites have some specific areas they are good in. for instance, you may want to learn about programming or art, then you would have the specific website you can get an excellent education from.

Internet Course – Online Learning Websites

One of all these sites is the Coursera. Below is a list of some of all the websites that you can learn from. Like I said before, not all these sites are free.

  • Coursera: Coursera is one of the many websites that partners with many universities and colleges around the world. Because of this reason, the Coursera offers a lot of courses that are available in just one website. The Coursera website is one of the incredible tools to use when it comes to online education. The Coursera website also gives certificates to those who complete their course to certify them. This may be a bachelor’s degree or any other form of degree. The Coursera official website can be found at
  • Khan academy: another useful tool to use is the khan academy, like the Coursera, khan academy also partners with most post-secondary schools and it also has a user friendly interface. The khan academy website can be found at
  • Open culture online courses.
  • Udemy.
  • Academic earth
  • edX
  • Alison
  • iTunes free courses
  • Stanford online
  • Harvard extension.

Now there are a number of courses that you can learn online, it all depends on the vision you have for your future. Regardless of the course, it can be learned from anywhere and at any time. Below is a short list of the courses that you can learn online.

  • Introduction to conversational English
  • Touch typing training
  • Basic French language skills for everyday life
  • Alison ABC IT

To get a complete list you can visit any of the online learning websites.

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