Karastan Credit Card – How to Apply for Karastan Credit Card

Karastan Credit Card

Whether you need a perfect time or the perfect sales for your home, you will just be able to purchase your dream floor designs, whenever you would want to. And it is so easy to do this in a convenient way that will not get in the way of your home finances. With the Karastan Credit Card, you get the perfect financial management resources in order to get your home just what it needs. Card owners are offered special and unique financing options to help them get the right household appliance or equipment they need. Now you have the chance to cash for your family and other needs. This offer is provided nationwide to thousands of retailers out there. this amazing credit card is issued out to customers by the Synchrony Bank.

Karastan Credit Card - How to Apply for Karastan Credit Card

Karastan Credit Card Features and Benefits

The brands and cards associated with the Synchrony Financial platform are always labeled to be trustworthy and reliable. And at Karastan, they and proud and confident to offer you amazing benefits, and getting a Karastan retailer is so easy as ever.

  • Card owners are granted with the chance to gain unique financing options with the Credit Card
  • Card owners are opportune to enjoy the benefit of low minimum monthly fees
  • The card owners have full-time access to their card account balance every time of the day, they can make payments of bills anytime, and manage your account safely wherever you are
  • Card owners get extended financing
  • Card owners are entitled to promotions and unique sales events
  • There is no annual fee attached to this card

Karastan Credit Card Rates, Charges and Fees

  • Annual fee – none
  • Annual percentage rate for purchases – 29.99 percent
  • Also, annual percentage rate for cash advances – none
  • Foreign transaction fee – none
  • Paying interest-free days – 23 days
  • Late payment charge – 38 dollars
  • Cash advance fees – none

How to Apply for the Karastan Credit Card

You can apply for the Karastan Credit Card online or through your phone. And once your application has been approved, you will get your card with 8 to 10 working days. Your card also comes together with real-time access to your account on www.synchrony.com. From here you could manage payments, bills and so much more.

  • Access the home page of Synchrony Financial at www.synchronycredit.com.
  • You will be given an application form, fill in the form with the necessary details required.
  • Review the card’s term of use, policy, and conditions, then click on “Continue”.

How to Check the Karastan Credit Card Application Status

If you have applied for the Karastan credit and want to check if you have been approved or not, call at 855- 269- 2139.

How to Activate the Karastan Credit Card

Once you have gotten your card, it definitely needs to be activated. To activate your newly acquired card, call at 800- 965- 8430 or if you receive a card with a sticker in front of it, call the number written on the sticker in order to verify and activate your account.

How to Log in to Karastan Credit Card

  • Visit the home page of the Karastan card through www.synchrony.com
  • Go to the right side of the page and click on “Your Account”
  • On the login page, enter your username and password
  • Click on “Secure Log In”

How to Recover Karastan Credit Card Lost Password or Username

  • Go to the Login page of Synchrony Bank.
  • Click on “Find username”.
  • On the next page, you will be prompted to provide some details.
  • Click on “Continue”.

Report lost or stolen card

In case your card should get lost or stolen, call at 800 – 221 – 5743.

How to Make Payment of Bills with Your Card

There are two main ways to make payments.

  • You can make payments using www.myscnchrony.com.
  • You could also set up an Autopay, your payment will be taken directly from your bank account on your due payment date.

Karastan Credit Card Customer Card Service Number

To speak with a Karastan Credit Card customer card personnel, contact them on 1 – 800 – 965 – 8430 or 1 – 866 – 419 – 4096.

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