Marathon Credit Card – Application and Activation

Marathon Credit Card

The marathon credit card is one of the cards that is issued by the Comenity bank. This card can be used to pay at fuel pumps with ease. The card also gives the users rebate on purchases made using the card. This card is well known for its features and benefits.

Marathon Credit Card - Application and Activation

Benefits of the Marathon Credit Card

Of course, you would know that no credit card is worth being called a credit card without some specific benefits. Below are some of the benefits of the marathon credit card.

  • The marathon credit card charges no annual fee.
  • Cardholders get a free two cent gallon rebate on every purchase.
  • You can easily make payments at pumps with ease.
  • If you are able to accumulate up to ten dollars on the rebate, you would be sent a cash card at any time.
  • Your account can easily be managed, tracked and operated from anywhere and at any time.
  • All cardholders get exclusive offers and benefits that keep them attracted to spending with this card.

Charges of the Marathon Credit Card

For every great thing, there is always a price paid, for this reason, we are going to look into the charges of the marathon credit card.

  • They offer a grace period of up to twenty-five days.
  • The minimum interest is charged at two dollars.
  • Foreign transaction fees are not applicable to this card.
  • The annual percentage rate charged for all purchases is 29.99 percent.
  • Late payment fee can cost up to thirty-eight dollars.
  • Returned payment fee can cost up to thirty-eight dollars.            

How to Apply For the Marathon Credit Card

The application comes easy with this card, this means that the application is very much less stressful compared to other credit cards. Follow the steps below to apply;

  • Navigate to this URL (
  • Scroll down and hit the ‘apply now’ button.
  • Fill the form with the necessary and right information.
  • Hit continue at the bottom of the page to verify your interest.

That’s it. Your application would now be screened.

How to Activate Your Newly Acquired Marathon Credit Card

Follow the same you used to apply, and proceed by following these steps

  • At the homepage, click on “register for access”.
  • Fill the form with details from your card.

Scroll down and select “find my account” to finish your activation.

How to Log In To Your Marathon Credit Card Account Online

This can easily be done by following this URL ( Key in your login details and click on sign in.

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