May Bank Visa Flex Credit Card | How to Apply and Activate

May Bank Visa Flex Credit Card

May bank visa flex credit card, issued by the may bank n=is a good card to start the credit history if you need a card with no annual fees. This card gives its users exclusive benefits and makes all transactions with this card more rewardable. The may bank visa flex credit card also comes with perks of outstanding benefits. They are very numerous to list, but I will do you a favor and list a few for you to get a little familiar with the card. Below is a brief list of some of the benefits this card has to offer.

May Bank Visa Flex Credit Card | How to Apply and Activate

Benefits of the May Bank Visa Flex Credit Card

  • There are no annual charges for using this card. This means you do not have to worry to pay a certain amount at the end of the year just for owning a credit card.
  • Application for this card is always very easy and stress-free. This makes it the best for all those who do not have time to spend just for application purposes.
  • Easily pay a bill online using this card on my ban 2 you.
  • You can customize your card choosing any of the four color preferences.
  • Also, you can also get treat points.

You have to know that every great thing also has a cost, if you think this card is great it will also be great for you to know the charges and fees to acquire and maintain this card. Although there are no annual fees there is a regular fee every month. This fee is just for service.

Charges and Fees of the May Bank Visa Flex Credit Card

  • Like I said before there are no annual charges.
  • There is a monthly service fee of 3.95 Malaysian ringgit.

Application for the may bank visa flex credit card is very easy, I will show you how to apply online for this card online.

How to Apply For May Bank Visa Credit Card Online

  • Navigate to using your web browser.
  • On this page, you would see all the benefits and requirements of this card, scroll to the bottom, download, and print out the application form.
  • To finalize your application, completely fill out the form.
  • Next locate any of the may bank branch closer to you and head there.
  • When you get there, submit the form to the customer service and you would further be directed on what next to do.

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