Old Navy Credit Card – How to Apply

The old navy credit card is a credit card that offers amazing reward points to its users. This credit card is proudly issued by synchrony bank. All cardholders get to enjoy twenty percent off their first card purchases. The old navy credit card is simply said to reward you everywhere you go.

Old Navy Credit Card - How to Apply


This card offers you so many advantageous benefits of which if explored can be said to be truly amazing. Some of the benefits of the old navy credit card are;

  • All cardholders earn one point per every one dollar spent everywhere visa card is accepted.
  • As a bonus cardholders earn rewards faster by using their reedit card to buy things outside their brand.
  • Cardholders also gain five rewards per every five hundred points earned.
  • Plus the card has a zero fraud liability feature and is accepted worldwide.

The benefits listed above are a few of the benefits of the old navy credit card. You can learn more at their official application page.

Fees and Rates

There are some fees and rate accompanied by this amazing credit card as there are fees and t=rates attached to every credit care. Some of the fees and rates of the old navy credit card are;

  • APR for purchases is 26.99%.
  • The due date before you start paying interest is twenty three days.
  • The minimum interest charge is two dollar.
  • There is a foreign transaction fee of three percent.

Listed above are a few of the old navy credit card fees and rates.

How to Apply For the Old Navy Credit Card

There are some procedures you need to take to apply for the old navy credit card. These procedure and steps are;

  • First of all visit the application page at https://apply.syf.com/eapply/eapply.action?clientCode=OLDNAVY.
  • Read the terms and conditions of the card carefully and then continue.
  • Fill in the empty boxes with your corresponding information and try to be as accurate as possible.
  • Enter you annual net income and your association ID, then scroll down and complete the application.

Above is a well laid out step of which you can successfully apply for this card.

How to Check The Application Process

To simply check the application status of the old navy credit card you will have to get a cellphone. Once you have a cellphone, call the application line at 1-877-371-9673.

How to Activate

To activate this card, you need to get a cell phone. If you have a cell phone then you can call the old navy credit card activation line at 1-877-371-9673.

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