Open Sky Secured Visa Credit card – Benefits and Application

Open Sky Secured Visa Credit card

Open sky secured visa credit card is a great card to use if you want to secure your future on credit cards. This particular credit card is extremely reliable. You do not need a credit check before you can apply for this card. In this article, I will show you all of the benefits of this card and how you can also apply online.

Open Sky Secured Visa Credit card - Benefits and Application

There are other secured credit score playing cards with decrease annual charges, higher credit limits, and smaller minimum deposits. However, the Open Sky secured visa credit card has important blessings that set it apart. There is no credit take a look at for applicants, and also you do not need a financial institution account (bank account).

This indicates that the card is out there to humans with extremely low credit score rankings. Also, people with no credit score records in any respect. And those who did not get admission to a financial institution account. The handiest capture is that your month-to-month earnings (monthly earnings) need to be better than your month-to-month costs and as long as you meet that requirement, approval is almost sure.

Benefits of Open Sky Secured Visa Credit card

I have been trying to switch, however, my credit becomes at a 560 and realtors want you to have a minimum of 620. So, I went ahead and implemented for Open Sky secure visa credit card. I deposited $500 and was authorized on March 2, 2018. The $35 annual price was taken out right away. I made some purchases totaling seventy-five dollars. On April 12 I checked my account online and there has been a balance of a hundred and ten dollars, but $35 turned into due not till May 13. I went in advance and paid the $35 right then and there.

Today, being April 18 I woke to a notification from Experian pronouncing that my rating has modified. I used to be afraid before everything; due to the fact, the notification icon became red. I logged into Experian to look that Open Sky increased my credit score and my rating went up 49pts.

How to apply for an Open Sky Secured Visa Credit card

Follow these steps to apply;

  1. From your web browser on either your PC or mobile navigate to
  2. Wait for the page to load fully, and you would see a button that says apply now beside the image of the card.
  3. Next click on it, now on this new page fill in your personal data and continue.
  4. Follow the steps to set up your account and wait for approval.

Note that your card might not be approved, visit the URL above to view all the benefits of the card.

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