RSPCA Rescue Master Card | Benefits | Charges | Application

RSPCA rescue master card is issued through Bendigo bank. RSPCA rescue master card is a great card for anyone looking to get started on credit cards and love to spend every day. This card helps the cardholder to calm towards their furry pals (friends).

RSPCA Rescue Master Card | Benefits | Charges | Application

There is a certain percentage from which the Rescue card issuers donate to RSPCA on a yearly basis. Which started since 2005. It is incredible that since 2005 Bendigo has donated a certain amount that is well worth over 1.5 million US dollars.

Benefits Of RSPCA Rescue Master Card

RSPCA rescue master card comes with loads of benefits, and some of them I will list below;

  1. This card is usable at more than 43 million locations all over the world, this also includes outlets with contactless payment options. They also give the choice to purchase goods and services under 100 US dollars.
  2. Gives free access to master card cities program. From which you know offers amazing deals on almost everything beginning from accommodation to hundreds of locations all around the world.
  3. RSPCA offers free card personalization by giving you the option to choose between Frosty the dog, and Genie the cat as your background. You also have an option to donate a five dollar tax every month to the RSPCA’s adoptapet service to help pets have a happy home.
  4. Just in case you love animals, this card will be the best choice for you, because this card will enable you to donate directly to their welfare without much stress.

Charges And Fees Of RSPCA Rescue Mastercard

  1. RSPCA credit card charge only 45 dollars per annum
  2. They charge a late payment fee of only 15 dollars
  3. Cash advance fee is only 0.50 percent or minimum 3.25 dollars
  4. Their purchase rate has got you covered because it is just 19.99 percent P.A
  5. With this outstanding card, there is no introduction rate for purchases
  6. They do not charge a balance transfer rate
  7. Their cash advance rate is just 21.99 percent P.A

To see more benefits of this card, visit their official web page at

How To Apply For RSPCA Credit Card Online

  1. From your web browser navigate to
  2. Now, locate the signup link and click on it.
  3. Next, you will have to state why you want to apply for the card.
  4. Hit the continue button to proceed one step further.
  5. Choose your marital status and continue to answer if you are a Bendigo bank customer.
  6. Select if you have a promo code and hit continue to finish your application.

This was easy right, it what Bendigo have in store for you.

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