Scotia Bank Magna MasterCard Credit Card

Scotia Bank Magna MasterCard Credit Card

The Scotia bank Magna master card credit card is issued through the Scotia bank. Unlike many other credit cards, it is a card that rewards its users for doing their businesses. This amazing card is one of many cards that give users reward points which can be redeemed.  This credit card is a master card which is accepted universally and has no limits to what you can do with it. The Scotia bank Magna credit card comes with lots of benefits. These benefits would be listed shortly because they are what make the card much fun to use.

Scotia Bank Magna MasterCard Credit Card

Benefits of the Scotia Bank Magna MasterCard Credit Card

This card feature a lot of benefits which we would be selecting a few important ones to talk about, below is a list of some of the benefits of his credit card;

  • Every cardholder earns an additional [point called the Magna rewards point when they make purchases with any additional card that is provided at such a small cost.
  • You can get a purchase-protection of up to a hundred dollars that provides a reimbursement for any theft or accidental damage of any covered item.
  • This card can offer both you and your family financial comfort in any death event at an optional low-cost credit life protection at up to fifteen thousand US dollars.
  • There is a free personalized convenience cheque. This cheque can be used like any regular cheque to pay bills or get cash at any teller window.
  • When making transactions with this card, every transaction you make using the chip and your unique personalized four digit pin guarantees you an additional layer of security. This simply means that anytime you use the card, your security increases.

Having talked about the amazing benefits of this card, we should also talk about the charges.

Charges of the Scotia Bank Magna MasterCard Credit Card

This card does not come with too many charges, in fact the charges are few compared to the benefits it brings. Below is a list of the benefits.

  • They charge an annual interest rate of 25.20 percent.
  • They charge a total temporary disability fee of two hundred dollars per annum.

You might be well interested in applying for this card after seeing the benefits. If that is the case, then follow the procedures below.

Requirements for Application

There are certain standards that you must meet before your application would be granted, these criteria’s are;

  • You must be at least eighteen years old or above.
  • You must agree to the terms and conditions for using the card.
  • If you wish to apply online, you must own an account with eBanking.

How to Apply for the Scotia Bank Magna MasterCard Credit Card Online

Application is very easy; follow this guide to apply for this credit card online.

  • Use your web browser to navigate to
  • When you get to this homepage, scroll down and hit the apply now button.
  • Read the terms and conditions and continue by hitting the continue button at the bottom of the page.

Follow the required steps and finish your application.

How to Activate the Scotia Bank Magna Master Card Credit Card

Application is really easy, to activate the card call this number. (1-888-472-6842)

Scotia Bank Magna MasterCard Credit Card Login

To access your account online, follow these steps

  • Use the link you used to apply and select log in
  • Fill in your card number
  • Enter your password and click the sign in button.

That is all you need to do to login to your Scotia credit card account online.

Customer Service Number of the Scotia Magna MasterCard Customer Service

You can get the official Scotia bank master cad customer at (888) 472-6842.

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