Scotia Bank Visa Passport Credit Card | Benefits and Application

Scotia Bank Visa Passport Credit Card

Scotia bank visa passport credit card is issued through Scotia bank; this card is fully loaded with loads of travel benefits and outstanding rewards dealing on everyday purchases. Scotia bank visa passport credit card makes purchases much more fun because the more you buy is the more you earn. There are amazing benefits of this card which I will list later in this article. Scotia bank visa passport credit card is a recommended card for a credit score. The card is great for those who need a card they can use to get travel rewards.

Scotia Bank Visa Passport Credit Card | Benefits and Application

Benefits of Scotia Bank Visa Passport Credit Card

Like I said earlier there are outstanding benefits this card offers which make their cardholders and customers never leave the card, they are listed below;

  • Cardholders have the chance to earn a 25,000 point on every purchase when they spend the first 1,000 dollars in the first three months.
  • Get a free 2 Scotia reward points for each one dollar you spend on dining, grocery stores, and entertainment transactions.
  • Maximize a No FX Markup offer of zero percent.
  • There is always a complementary air lounge access.
  • You enjoy more insurance benefits such as emergency medical assistance, an accident on travels, rental car loss or damage, trip interruption.
  • Enjoy traveling without hassles with Scotia bank travel.

You must know that these are not all of the benefits of this card; you will get more on the application page. For more information on how to apply to proceed further.

How to Apply For Scotia Bank Visa Passport Credit Card PC or Mobile Phone

  1. Visit this link using your web browser
  2. Now click on the apply now button with the red background color.
  3. Read the document and click the agree and continue button.
  4. Fill the form which requires your “First name, MI, last name, your birthday, mobile number, email address, and your insurance number”.
  5. To proceed hit the next button, enter the information about where you live, and what you do.
  6. Add a supplementary card if you have and click on the review.

For activation of your card, you can call 1-866-583-6289 or visit any of their branches. Having this card is great right, but have you taught of the charges and cots to maintain this card, below are the charges and rates of this card.

  • They charge an annual fee of 139 dollars per annum.
  • Their interest rate range from 19.99 percent to 22.99 percent.
  • The cash advance fee required is just 22.99 percent.
  • The credit limit is 5000 dollars.

From all the explanation and benefits of this card, you see that this is an incredible card to get started with.

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