Sportsman’s Guide Visa Credit Card – How to Apply

Sportsman’s Guide Visa Credit Card

The sportsman’s guide visa credit card is one of the special cards that gives cardholders discount and reward points. This card can be used to purchase groceries and gas. This card can also be used to pay for hotel bills, travel costs, and others. This amazing credit card is issued through the Comenity bank. Like every credit card around, there are benefits to this card.

Sportsman’s Guide Visa Credit Card - How to Apply

Benefits of the Sportsman’s Guide Visa Credit Card

The benefit of every credit card varies according to the function it performs, below are the functions of the sportsman guide visa credit card.

  • The card holders get exclusive reward points for every dollar they spend on gas, dollars, groceries, hotels and even more.
  • All these points can be redeemed on any of the sportsman’s guide website or catalog with no limit.
  • You automatically get a ten dollars certificate to use for guide merchandise whenever you make up to one thousand reward points.
  • All cardholders that are a member of the bigger club member get an additional discount of 2.5 percent on all purchased merchandise.
  • Every cardholder receives forty dollars rewards if they spend up you five hundred dollars in the first ninety days of card acquisition.
  • This card charges users a zero dollar fee per annum.

These are some of the important benefits of this credit card. It is now time to look at some of the charges of this credit card.

Charges of the Sportsman’s Guide Visa Credit Card

  • The annual percentage rate for all purchases is 26.99 percent.
  • The annual percentage rate for balance transfer and cash advances is 26.99 percent.
  • They offer a grace period of only twenty-three days.
  • The minimum interest charge is one dollar.
  • The foreign transaction fee is three percent.
  • Cash advance fee is charged at ten dollars or three percent.
  • The late [payment fee is charged at up to 38.00 dollars
  • Returned payment fee is charged at up to 38.00 percent.

How to Apply For the Sportsman’s Guide Visa Credit Card

The application step is very easy and understandable.

  • Follow this link (
  • Scroll down and hit the “apply now” button.
  • Fill the form you see and finalize your application by clicking the submit button.

That is it; once your application is approved you would get a mail to confirm it.

Activating Your Newly Acquired Credit Card

On the home page, hit the activate card option. Proceed by filling the form with information from your new credit card and click the continue button.

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