Sweetwater Credit Card – How to Apply

Sweetwater Credit Card

You can get the perfect gear you want with the Sweetwater Credit Card that is issued to customers by the Synchrony Bank. Sweetwater has definitely got the right selection of every musical equipment you would need. However, when talking of big names, there are possibilities that the big-name price tag is attached to it, and with your card, you can involve in the most amazing options of financing open and available for your music lifestyle and career. This credit card offers customers with a 2-year warranty, which makes these customers buy with so much confidence.

Sweetwater Credit Card - How to Apply

Sweetwater Credit Card Features and Benefits

The Sweetwater Credit Card has got lots of amazing features and benefits that of great use to card owners and holders. Here are some amazing benefits you would definitely love to engage in.

  • Card owners are entitled to a 2-year warranty, and this gives so many customers a whole lot of confidence while making purchases.
  • Card owners are able to enjoy easy and quick shipping of items they have purchased.
  • There is steady and available online account management.
  • Financing options are made available for card owners, so you are able to get any gear of your choice.
  • Interest-free financing options.
  • Card owners are granted the chance to enjoy simple and easy mediums of monthly payments.

Sweetwater Credit Card Rates, Charges and Fees

  • Annual percentage rate for purchases – 29.99 percent
  • Late payment charge – 2.00 dollars
  • Grace days – 23 days
  • Minimum interest charge – 2.00 dollars

How to Apply for Sweetwater Credit Card

Are you still wondering on apply for this card of not? There is absolutely nothing to fear about! You have every coverage and back up when it comes to Sweetwater. Now if you have made up your mind, here’s how to apply;

  • Visit the official home page of the Synchrony Financial organization at www.synchronycredit.com
  • Take a view at the Terms of Use, policies, and conditions of the card
  • You will be given an online application form, fil in with the necessary details and click on “continue”

How to Check Sweetwater Credit Card Application

If you have applied for the Sweetwater Credit Card and would like to check if your application has been approved or not, you can do that by simply dialing 1 – 844 – 335 – 4285.

How to Activate Sweetwater Credit Card

Once your card has been mailed to you, it needs activation for it to start working. You can activate your newly acquired card account by dialing 866 – 396 – 8254 for your card account activation.

How To Log In To Sweetwater Credit Card

  • Visit the official home page of the Synchrony Bank page at www.mysynchrony.com
  • Go to the right side of the page and click on “your account”
  • On the log in page, enter your password and user name
  • Click on “Log In”

Report Stolen or Lost Card

For card owners whose cards have been misplaced or stolen, you can report at 1866 – 570 – 1420.

How to Make Bill Payments with Your Sweetwater Credit Card

There are two main ways for card owners to make payment of bills.

  • To make bill payments with you card, log into your card online account on www.mysynchrony.com, search for the payment tab and click on credit card payments for bills
  • You could set up an Autopay, your payment will be deducted from your bank account each month on the due date.

Sweetwater Credit Card Customer Care Service Contact

The Sweetwater customer care service can be contacted at 1 – 844 – 335 – 4285.

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