Triangle MasterCard – Apply For a Triangle MasterCard

The Triangle MasterCard can be said to be a credit card that makes life easier as all card users get to collect four percent in Canadian tire money at any of the Canadian tire money great store. With this simple credit card. You can earn more Canadian tire money on the things you buy every day. With lots of bonuses and reward offer.

Triangle MasterCard - Apply For a Triangle MasterCard


There are so many benefits to the Triangle MasterCard. Some of those benefits include;

  • Zero dollars annual fee.
  • Easily redeem Ct money at participating retailers.
  • Quickly collect Canadian money everywhere else you do shopping.
  • You do not necessarily need a receipt.
  • Also, You can go paperless.
  • A twenty-four hours customer service also applies as you can go for online banking.

Listed above are some of the benefits you can find the Triangle MasterCard offering to all it cardholders.

Fees And Rate

If at all you wish or decide to use this MasterCard, it is best you at least know what you are getting into. Some of the fees and rates of the triangle MasterCard are;

  • An annual interest rate of 19.99%.
  • Cash transactions and balance transfer is up to 22.9%.
  • Interest-free grace period ranges from 21 to 26 days.
  • Minimum payment of ten dollars.
  • Cash advance fee of four dollars.
  • Dishonored payment fee of twenty-five dollars
  • Annual fee of zero dollars and some other more.

You can get more information by visiting the Triangle MasterCard official application we page.

Eligibility Criteria for Application

The eligibility criteria for the triangle master card are;

  • Al applicant must be above eighteen years.
  • You must be a permanent Canadian resident.
  • A passport card and a driver’s license.
  • And you must be currently employed or retired.

If you need other things to be eligible, you will be told when you want to apply.

How to Apply For a Triangle MasterCard

If you have made up your mind after everything that you still want to apply for the Triangle MasterCard then;

  • Visit the official application webpage of the triangle MasterCard at
  • Key in all your required information. Including your employment info and your financial info then continue with the instructions given to you further.

Finish the setup and you are done with applying for a triangle MasterCard

How to Activate Your Triangle MasterCard

After applying for your very own card, you need to activate it before using it. To activate your triangle MasterCard;

  • Go to the activation page of the Canadian tire credit card.
  • Click on the activate button and then sign in to your account to activate your credit card.

That is how you activate your triangle MasterCard after application. For further enquiries. You can call the triangle master card customer service center at 1-800-387-8803 in English or 1-800-565-3356 in French.

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