World Wildlife Fund Credit Card – Benefits | Charges | Activation

World Wildlife Fund Credit Card

The World Wildlife Fund Credit Card is an amazing decent cash return that helps in the support of World Wildlife Fund. It also has a 150 dollars sign-up bonus after meeting a particular spending requirement and offers of a 0 dollar annual percentage rate for both balance transfers and purchases. You earn 3.0 percent cash returns on purchases at gas stations and 2.0 percent cash return on purchases at grocery stores and 1.0 percent cash return on all other purchases.

World Wildlife Fund Credit Card - Benefits | Charges | Activation

This card works to support the World Wildlife Fund by giving them about 3 dollars for each opening of a card account, this Wildlife platform also gains 0.09 percent from retail purchases made with the card and a minimum amount of 3 dollars every year you perform an account renewal.

World Wildlife Fund Credit Card Benefits

Knowing the benefits of a particular credit card can certainly help you decide if the card is befitting or not. Here are the benefits that come with this card;

  1. A 3.0 percent cash back for purchases at gas stations
  2. 150 dollars cash return after you spend up to 500 dollars within the first three months of the card account opening
  3. 10 percent bonus for a direct deposit into a Bank of America savings or checking account
  4. There is no annual fee
  5. 0 percent annual percentage rate for twelve months on balance transfers and purchases.

World Wildlife Fund Credit Card Rates, Charges and Fees

  • No annual fee
  • Foreign transaction fee – 3 percent for every transaction made outside the country
  • Balance transfer fee – 3 percent or 10 dollars of each transaction
  • Late payment fee – 38 dollars

How to Apply For the World Wildlife Fund Credit Card

There are two main ways to apply for the World Wildlife Fund Credit Card. You can apply online or by phone call, but the online application is quicker and easier. Here’s how you can apply online;

  1. Open your web browser and visit their website, go to
  2. Click on the blue button tagged “Apply Now”.
  3. The application page will be displayed to you, fill in the application form with your details in the appropriate spaces provided.
  4. Enter your first and last name.
  5. Enter your mobile number and the type of phone you make use of. You have to enter your email address and select an answer to the citizenship questions give, and choose the country you reside in.
  6. Also, enter your date of birth, employment status, amount of your monthly salary and source of income.
  7. Enter your monthly rent payment.
  8. Agree with the terms and policies and click on “Continue”.

Now you are done with your application, wait for your card to be mailed to you.

How to Activate the World Wildlife Fund Credit Card

All you need to do is download the Bank of America Mobile Banking app. With this app, you can activate your card, make payment of bills, send money and lots more.

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